Poets getting together, poets acting out

Poets Getting Together

There is a social network for poets! Merely six months old – Campus – already has 1000 poet members. Organized and run by the Poetry School, it will be interesting to see how big it grows. It developed out of their on-line courses, but is now open to the public. I have to say in the short time I’ve been a member I’ve already discovered some new poets and gotten some book recommendations!

Poets Acting Out

This article in the NY Times about women street artists and the flowering (and/or growing prominence) of street art worldwide, dovetailed nicely into the variety of public (or street) poetry I’ve been seeing lately  –

from simple public declarations (or epigrams, if you will) together with bandit crochet art on a fence in Harvard Yard…

Photo by me, Harvard Yard, Boston

Photo by me, Harvard Yard, Boston

to Florence’s Movement for the Emancipation of Poetry – actively seeking to plaster public spaces with poetry –

to official large public installations like the aforementioned iWandered (side note: they are doing a walking tour of the project today!) in the Fort Point Area, Boston…

…I’m always exhilarated to see “street poetry” and poetry out in the public, in the wild, in unexpected places, interacting with all kinds of people.




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